Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This site respects your privacy.


This website and majority “” are committed to protecting our visitors / users’ privacy. This Privacy Policy has designed to note and inform visitors / users’ of network of websites, on how this website collects and uses information provided to, or collected by, and under what scenario will disclose such information. will take reasonable steps to protect visitors / users privacy consistent with the guidelines set forth in this Privacy Policy.

This website and majority “” doesn’t control the flow of the users’ interest, therefore, the visitor has the right to visit our website, without further notice. It is clear that the ambition and vision of this website, is to give the information gathered, free to the users / visitors to see it fits.

Any of your personal information (whether as a reader or blogger) that being provided in this website, such as account number, address, contact number or private information with not be used or misuse, nor use it in other way by this website and majority “”. Except if the visitor / users post an private information (such as comments) in any blog post or pages, then where unable to control it. But be assure that we put it into filter and act not to disclose or to post that private information here publicly(if any accidental happens please See Comments Section below).

If any person contact you, and claiming as a representative of this website and majority “”, and mislead you (whether as a reader or blogger), in a given situation such as asking of personal information regarding, your financial, credit card details, bank account details, and any which very doubtful. Please do not hesitate to informed us right away or better yet do not give any information stated above.


Again, we do not collect any private / personal information (via phone call, text messages, email messages or a like). We respect every visitors / readers here in our site, we do not indulge any of these.


We must be vigilant and take safety precaution to this kind of situation.

Comments. Do not post any private information, such as account number, address, contact numbers, and any private information that put account on your assets (financial, credit card details, bank account, etc.) We not able to control the follow in the internet especially were talking about world wide web, if anything accident happens please report to us immediately, and we will do our best to help in any concern occurred.


External Links / Sites. This website and majority “” is not responsible for the content(s) of external internet links / sites. So please advise, to read the privacy policy of external links / sites before dealing or disclosing any personal information with it.


Cookies. Cookies are known as HTTP cookie, web cookie, or browser cookie, is used place on the client’s browser (you / user / visitor / reader), the state of information is sended by the website (origin / visited website). In turn when the state of information was sended to the client’s browser, it will response back to the origin / visited website. Examples of this like, sessions in which,when you used to login on your account identification.

Cookies however doesn’t contain any personal information. This website and majority “”does not used cookies to collect or harvest any personal data / information to the users’ / visitors / readers.

Cookies are not softwares, they are not virus, nor cannot install any softwares in your host / computer. However, we will be cautious on this and be vigilant that in the world wide web, anything is possible, hacking programs such as spyware, to catch or to track users’ internet or browsing activities. So to be safe (as old saying goes), clear any cache or cookies in your web browser and do not leave your computer without any anti-spyware or anti-virus and also firewall software.


To be safe and minimal of risks while using your Internet.

This website and majority “” cannot promise nor guarantee the security of any information sent thru the web. You as a reader / visitor / user of this website, must keep it’s responsibility on maintaining computer safe. Boot-up your computer with latest or updated anti-virus or anti-spyware software, and also be sure your firewall is up.

There is no 0% risks while using an internet connection, remember we dealing with world wide web, so if you connected to the internet, just make sure the website your trying to visit (whether it’s a 3rd party or not) is trusted.

We disclaim any responsibility or liability for the policies / action for any external sites / links or 3rd party sites that were accessible through this website, for they differ from our privacy policy settings.


See also Disclaimer

Privacy Policy and Disclaimer changes without immediate or further notice. Top